Updated Menu & New Food Items

Clubhouse Steak Grill & Bar – Updated Menu & New Food Items

We Have Just About The Best Steaks You'll Find Anywhere in Bali … Maybe the World!

We Serve Steak Meals, Steak Burgers, Steak Sandwiches, Fish, a few other things and shit loads of Ice Cold Beer. That's it!

There's no vegan stuff here and no rice, so don't come and complain about that. If you want great home style tukka come here to the Clubhouse, otherwise go somewhere else.

Clubhouse Steak Grill Bar Sanur Bali Food Menu

About Our Steaks

Through our butcher shop in Sanur, Big Meat, our prime cuts of beef are directly imported from either Australia or New Zealand. We don't work through middlemen because we have our own import license and have direct access to the best beef available for international export. Our resident steak expert, Trucker, knows how to manage meat and he makes sure that every steak is up to par.

If you have any complaints about any of the food, just ask for Trucker and he will sort it out for ya.

Once we receive our shipments at Big Meat, we dry age our steaks for eight to ten weeks to fully develop the flavour. After the aging process is complete, we trim and tenderize each steak before a final 2 additional weeks aging aging. Once each steak is ready, it is individually vacuum packing to seal in the that awesome flavor!

“There are no bad steaks at the Clubhouse”

Truckers Big Steak Meal

A trimmed, dry aged and tenderized strip steak served with our big potato wedges & a full Aussie salad

400 gram Steak Meal – 320K

350 gram Steak Meal – 270K

300 gram Steak Meal – 220K

250 gram Steak Meal – 180K

The Rest of our Menu

All of our breads and buns are hand made daily to our specifications

Steak Sandwich – 130K

Grilled sliced strip steak on thick toast served with our house salad & wedges

Black Betty Burger – 130K

Grilled rib eye topped with garlic butter, egg, beetroot served with salad, wedges

Beef Burger – 130K

Aged ground beef on a home style bun served with our house salad & wedges

Bacon Burger – 130K

Beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, egg and beetroot, served with our salad

Hawaiian Burger – 130K

Thick ham steak, pineapple, beetroot with our house salad & potato wedges

Beef Salad – 180K

250 gram steak grilled, served with our special mixed salad & balsamic dressing

Hot Dog – 70K

A bigger than life beef hot dog & wedges

Fish Salad & Wedges – 120K

Fresh white fish served with our house salad and potato wedges

Fish Burger – 130K

Thick fish fillet, cheese, egg, beetroot served with house salad & wedges

Fish Bites – 70K

Fresh white fish lightly breaded, deep fried and served with potato wedges

New Additions to our Menu

Seafood Chowder – 100K

Loaded with fish, prawns, crab, mussels served with fresh homemade bread

Chicken Wings – 80K

Spicy or regular w/ sticky BBQ sauce

Chicken Nuggets – 80K

Spicy or regular w/ sticky BBQ sauce

Nachos – 100K

Nacho chips smothered with ground beef and cheddar