The Best Steak in Bali

We Serve Steak, Steak Burgers, Steak Sandwich and Fish & Chips

The Best Steak in Bali are prime cuts of beef that we import directly from either Australia or New Zealand. Once we receive our shipment at the butcher store, we dry age our steaks for eight to ten weeks.Not too much, just enough to fully develop the flavour.

After the aging process is complete, we trim and tenderize each steak.  Then we do a final aging for 2 additional weeks before vacuum packing each individual steak to seal in the that awesome flavour!

“There are no bad steaks at the Clubhouse”

Truckers 400 gram Steak Meal

The Best Steak In Bali Clubhouse Sanur Bali Steak Grill Bar Big Juicy Steak & Home Style Fries

Clubhouse Steak Grill & Bar Sanur

The New Clubhouse Menu is Here

Clubhouse Steak Grill & Bar New Food Menu for the Best Steak In Bali


Truckers Big Steak Meal

A fully Trimmed, Dry Aged & Tenderized Strip Steak served with a big portion of Over-Size Potato Wedges and Salad

400 grams = 300K

350 grams = 250K

300 grams = 200K

250 grams = 160K

Steak Sandwich – 130K

250 grams of Steak, Grilled, Sliced, on Thick Toasted Bread topped with Egg, Beetroot, served with Salad & Wedges

Black Betty Burger – 130K

250 gram Rib Eye Topped with Garlic, Egg, Beetroot with Salad & Wedges

Beef Burger – 130K

300 grams Ground Beef, Egg, Beetroot with Salad & Wedges

Bacon Burger – 130K

Beef Patty, Bacon, Cheese, Egg and Beetroot and Salad

Hawaiian Burger – 130K

Thick Ham Steak, Pineapple, Beetroot with Salad & Wedges

Steak & Salad – 160K

250 grams Steak Grilled & Sliced Over a Huge Mixed Salad w/ Balsamic Dressing

Hot Dog – 70K

A Big Beef Dog, Grilled with Salad & Wedges

Fish Salad & Wedges – 120K

Fresh White Fish, Grilled and Served Over our Regular Salad

Fish Burger – 130K

Thick fish fillet, Cheese, Egg, Beetroot with Salad & Wedges

Fish Bites – 70K

Fresh White Fish, Cut in Strips, Deep Fried and Served with Potato Wedges

Seafood Chowder – 100K

Loaded with Fish, Prawns, Crab, Mussels Served with Fresh Homemade Bread

Chicken Wings – 80K

Spicy or Regular with Truckers Sticky BBQ Sauce – 8 pieces

Nachos – 100K

Spicy Nacho Sauce w/ Ground Beef Topped with Cheddar

Just Wedges – 60K


Soft Drinks – 20K

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero,

Fanta, Sprite, Tonic, Ginger Ale

Ice Cold Beer

Small Bintang – 25K

Large Bintang – 50K

Small Anker – 25K

San Mig Light, Heineken – 30K

Bintang Radler – 25K

Wine – 60K

Plaga white

Hatten Aga Red

Artisan Sauvignon Blanc

Assorted Juices – 30K

Frozen Lime w/ Mint

Strawberry w/ Mint

Orange, Lime, Banana,

Pineapple, Strawberry,


Milkshakes &

Smoothies – 40K

Banana, Chocolate,


Red Bull – 30K

All SHOTS 60k

Johnny Walker (Red or Black)

Jack Daniels

Jim Beam

Gin or Rum