Clubhouse Tukka

We Serve Steak, Burgers, Fish, Wedges & Salad

We import and age our prime steaks for 2 Months before Tenderizing.  Then we do a final aging for 2 additional weeks.  Finally, each piece is trimmed to perfection and ready to be Vacuum Packed.

There are no bad steaks at the Clubhouse

Truckers Steak Meal

Clubhouse Big Juicy Steak & Home Style Fries

Try our South African Biltong,, it’s Beers Best Friend

Regular or chili flavoured

Truckers Steak Meal
A fully Trimmed, Dry Aged & Tenderized Strip Steak served with a big portion of Over-Size Potato Wedges and Salad
400 gram Steak Meal = 300K
350 gram Steak Meal = 250K
300 gram Steak Meal = 200K
250 gram Steak Meal = 160K

Steak Sandwich = 120K
250 grams of Steak, Grilled, Sliced, served on Thick Toasted Bread with Potato Wedges

Steak Burger = 120K
250 grams of Steak (this is not ground beef) served on a Big Bun with Potato Wedges

Hawaiian Burger = 120K
Same as above but with Pineapple Slices, Also Comes with Wedges

Fish Salad Wedges = 120K
Fresh White Fish, Grilled and Served Over a Really Big Salad

Fish Bites = 70K
Fresh White Fish, Cut in Strips, Deep Fried and Served with Potato Wedges

Hot Dog = 70K
A Big Beef Dog, Grilled and Served with Our Big Potato Wedges

Steak & Salad = 120K
250 grams of Steak Grilled, Sliced and Served Over a Heaping Big Salad